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“This restaurant has been closed and is no longer serving food.”

Lillian's Seafood Restaurant
This restaurant has been closed and is no longer serving food.
1312 George Washington Hwy N
Chesapeake, VA
(757) 485-7060

“Suffolk Appliance is the best !!”

Suffolk Appliance Parts Inc
These guyz are the best ! We have several investment properties as well as our personal home that have home warranties with First American Home Warranty. In the past several years, we have had occasional problems that have required repairs on all properties. One of these was a dishwasher that leaked from the bottom of the door and was worked on by another local appliance company. They were unable to repair it and after the second return wouldn't answer my phone calls anymore. So I called First American back and they authorized us to use our own appliance repair company and we'd be reimbursed. We called Suffolk Appliance, the guy was out there same day, and found the actual problem in less than 5 minutes ! I couldn't believe it, the other company was replacing parts as they guessed the problem... We paid the bill and the reimbursement was completed w/i a week. On another occasion we called them for another rental problem on a Friday, a trash disposal unit that was leaking. They were there the following Monday am and were driving away within an hour, job done ! They are professional, reliable and I value their expertise in keeping us worry free ! Highly recommend them to anyone !
3117 Kings HwySte B
Suffolk, VA
(757) 231-6690

“This Place is the Pits !!!”

Splish Splash Car Wash Location Went to this car wash in December of 2013 as I had been to this location many times in the past and found it clean with everything working. It is located beside Bubba n Franks BBQ on Carrollton Blvd and I often ate lunch there when I was done. When I first arrived at the car wash, I noticed that of the four wand-washing 'bays', one had a cone placed so as to signal that the bay was closed. I stopped by vehicle and got out to exchange some dollars for quarters out of the coin vending machine. I then noticed that of the three remaining bays, two had dried mud, leaves and debris over most of the floor. I surmised that people had cleaned their four-wheel drive trucks and failed to push this mud into the grate, I knew if I used these I would be walking thru mud and tracking it in my truck. So I drove my truck into the one remaining stall. When I attempted to deposit the quarters in the 'vending slot' of that stall, I noticed that duct tape had been placed over the coin slots and someone had written 'bills only'. I attempted to put dollar bills in the money slot, however the slot didn't pull the dollars inside. No way to wash my truck in this stall, when I walked back over to the lesser of the trashed stalls, someone was in there washing their car. And cussing because of the mud they were walking thru, they weren't happy. I was pretty p@!%!d myself, obviously there was little maintenance being done here..... I decided to vacuum my truck in the meantime until a stall was clear. Well of the two vacuum cleaners in front of the stalls, one was missing the hose and when I placed my money in the other, I got at best a weak vacuum draw. The final straw was the that the filter area was locked with a padlock, so you couldn't clean the debris out and maybe the filter also in order that it work better. Unbelievable !!! I was over it now......there was a sign in front with two phone numbers stating 'call for complaints or compliments'. When I called the first number, a woman answered the phone and didn't state the business or act like it was a business. I told her that I was spending money to clean my truck and wasn't getting it done. She said her boyfriend was the owner of the car wash and he was sitting right beside her. When the owner got on the phone, he was yelling and very loud. I asked who was I speaking to, he yelled again "You're speaking to the owner of the G** D*** car wash, thats who you're speaking to" say I was taken aback was an understatement. I told him I had a complaint, that the place needed maintenance and I was not getting my truck cleaned, he yelled again "If you'll give me time to hook up my G** D*** trailer, I'll..........." Thats when I hung up. I was not taking his verbal abuse. I figured I'd leave and find another car wash, one that worked ! About 5 minutes later, I heard someone behind me ask "Are you the guy who called in a complaint". I turned around and said yes I was, he (again) started cussing and yelling, telling me to get all of my F***** s@!t and put it in my truck and get off of my property. I had 30 seconds to leave or he was going to call the police, and then proceeded to yell at his girl (Sitting in his jet-black Hummer) to watch me and if I didn't leave within 30 seconds to call the police. I couldn't believe that an owner would talk to a customer like that because he voiced a complaint ! Never did I cuss, use disrespectful language, yell or anything that would deserve to get such a reaction. I put my gear in my truck and left the premises. So if you want to get ripped off, go to the Splish Splash car wash in Carrollton, VA and insert your money and then bend over ! What an idiot, I will NEVER, EVER go there again.
15161 Carrollton Blvd
Carrollton, VA
(757) 238-7040

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